Accrediting Organizations

Elise Scanlon Law Group currently serves as outside counsel to accrediting organizations that are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (“CHEA”), advising on compliance with complex regulations, the development and implementation of standards, policies and internal administrative processes.  The firm has successfully guided accrediting organizations through Department of Education processes for re-recognition and expansion of scope petitions. Elise Scanlon has served as counsel to independent appeals panels charged with reviewing accreditation decisions.  She also assists accrediting organizations in understanding the impact of and responding strategically to proposed new laws, regulations and policy.


The firm provides consultative advice on accreditation best practices and aligning accreditation standards with organizational culture and development goals. The alignment process includes establishing an assessment framework and developing strategies that improve student achievement and sustain a high level of quality as the organization implements plans to increase enrollment, open new campuses and add new programs. We also assist institutions in anticipating and responding to new accreditation requirements and federal and state laws and regulations.

Policy & Regulation

Institutions and accrediting organizations must stay abreast of increasingly complex laws and regulations that affect their work.  We monitor higher education policy at the state and federal level, keeping our clients informed of developments in the U.S. Department of Education and key legislative committees.  Our first-hand experience with the federal rulemaking process permits us to assist clients in developing policy positions and responding to proposed rulemaking notices. We routinely analyze and assess the impact of new and pending laws and regulation on client operations.

Non-Profit Management

Our non-profit clients benefit from the firm’s expertise in non-profit governance and management. We advise organizations, including accrediting bodies and institutions, on governance practices that enable strong and effective leadership. This includes advice and training in governance responsibilities and fiduciary obligations, the development of effective committee structures and decision-making frameworks. We have experience guiding organizations through strategic and operational planning with a focus on achieving a mission-based and aligned corporate culture.